• Why is Zin DeFi?

    Zin smart contracts will be used to stake zin, generate income, for peer to peer transfers and later, burn of Zin tokens without any centralized authority intervention. Decentralizing Zin provides users with all authority over their finances with no role being played by central figures such as banks, companies or the government. Zin holders will also be able to vote on governance principles of the Zin platform such as fee changes without any centralized authority control.

  • Why do I need to do KYC?

    For the future investment platform that we are building (please see our roadmap), it is extremely important that we follow the process set out by the regulators from the very beginning in order to obtain necessary regulatory approvals in our journey.

    We understand that it can be an inconvenience but we have to follow it to build the product that we are building.

  • Which countries are blocked from the Zin token purchase?

    We have blocked users from the USA and sanctioned countries from the token sale. We strongly prohibit that USA users do not use, buy or sell Zin tokens due to the prevalent SEC laws in their country.

  • Where does my friend enter my referral code?

    On every buy transaction, your friend will get a chance to enter your referral code.

    As soon as he completes his transaction, he will get 10% and you will get 10% of his purchase.

  • When will you list on Uniswap?

    We will try listing on Uniswap within 10 days of the token sale end. Token sale end date is 15th October 2020. If it ends sooner then the listing will be sooner.

  • When will you list on centralized exchanges?

    For centralized exchanges, we are in talks with some. We cannot comment on which ones we will list first and/or on the timing.

    For Dexes, please see our answer on Uniswap.

  • When is the Zin platform or app expected to be launched?

    The Zin platform has a complete roadmap. Please read our white paper or go to our website to look at our roadmap.

  • What will happen to the unsold tokens after the crowd sale?

    It is only fair that the remaining tokens will go to those who backed us in the crowdsale and long term. Therefore, the unsold tokens will go to the staking rewards wallet which will gradually release dividends as per the formula in our white paper over the project’s lifetime.

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  • What to expect from Zin platform?

    Zin is a platform that enables a user to build growth nests and save efficiently with investment tools like crypto and traditional stocks. Anyone who wants to build long term value in their savings can become an investor with Zin. We will introduce staking on web in the first phase. Please read our roadmap and whitepaper for further details.

  • What is Zin?

    Zin is a user friendly DeFi investment platform that will be built during 2020-2021, combining the advantages of blockchain technology and traditional investment tools. Zin’s basic goal is to empower people to inculcate the habit of saving for long term growth and prosperity.

  • What is Zin Finance?

    Zin Finance Ltd. is a UK based start up incorporated with the Companies House UK – Registration: 12782879

    The Zin platform is the product of Zin Finance and Zin token is the utility token for the Zin platform.

  • What is the seed price?

    The seed price is $0.00625 per Zin. Seed tokens will be locked for 2 years until August 2022. KYC is mandatory for all buyers.

  • What is the initial circulating supply and marketcap?

    It depends on the crowdsale. We expect the initial circulating supply to be between 100-250 Million Zin tokens and the marketcap accordingly with $0.015 per Zin. We cannot tell exactly about the $ market cap as it depends on the price, but these are estimates.

  • What is the Ethereum Blockchain?

    Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum is just a decentralized computing platform that makes it possible to create smart contracts and decentralized applications through its native language, Solidity. Ethereum standard tokens are ERC-20 and ERC-721

  • What is Staking?

    Staking is a feature which allows users to lock their Zin tokens in their staking wallet and earn more tokens by a rewarding mechanism.

  • What is Cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency is a digital asset whose value is determined by its supply and demand on the respective blockchain it is issued on. It is a unit of measure as well as exchange which can be used for value transfer or simply utility transfer.

  • What is Blockchain?

    Blockchain is like a digital journal that records the history of all transactions transparently. Its aim is to provide a secure chain of network where no entry of data is overwritten. Instead, every time a change is made, it is shown as a new entry, making all transactions independent and available to the user.

  • What is a Zin Token?

    What is a Zin Token?

    Zin token is a utility token for the Zin Ecosystem. It is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain using solidity Smart Contracts. It is the utility backbone of the Zin platform ecosystem and can be used for fee discounts on the Zin platform and for the governance protocol. Zin will be burned as part of the fee until all 1 billion is burned. This way Zin token is 100% deflationary.

    As DeFi space is every evolving, later on, Zin token may have other usages which we will explore as we go along on our roadmap journey.

  • What is a Smart Contract?

    A Smart Contract allows you to trade, distribute, burn or store any digital asset in a transparent way, without the need for a third-party’s help or human intervention. A smart contract ensures that both parties are binding to the deployed contract. Once deployed on the blockchain, it cannot be changed.

  • What is a DeFi platform?

    A Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform is a place where traditional financial tools can be used without a centralized authority having any control over it. It involves staking and peer to peer lending and transfer through a smart contract without any human intervention. The use cases of DeFi are increasing every day as new ideas and products prop up.

  • What happens to my data after the KYC?

    Under no circumstances we sell or disclose your data to unauthorized parties.

    Your data is handled through our privacy policy

    And our KYC handler’s data protection policy


  • What are the features of the Zin platform?

    Zin platform will be a blockchain app, it will act as an automatic savings and income platform for its users.

    • Zin will have a much user-friendly interface
    • Zin users can stake Zin through our platform and earn more Zin
    • Zin users can exchange other crypto-assets like Ethereum with Zin.
    • Later on, as per our roadmap, we plan to introduce traditional investment tools like Stocks and commodities as well.
    • Our financial fund managing experts will provide a continuous self learning loop for our Swarm Intelligence AI which will build credible and growth portfolios for our investors.
    • It will have an AutoSave recurring transaction feature for your peace of mind
    • The Zin platform will also allow you to invest your loose change which often gets lost in the shape of coins.
    • It will also have functions such as paying for your shopping from your wallet when linked to a debit card or a service.

    Please refer to the roadmap for when each feature will be launched.

  • The web app is not working on my browser?

    We have seen a few Brave browser users complain about it. The webapp is working fine on Chrome, Edge and Firefox. We recommend that while we resolve the Brave issue, you access the web app from either of these browsers and let us know. If the problem persists please write to [email protected] or talk to us on our telegram chat.

  • My KYC is getting denied, what should I do?

    Due to your personal data involved, we cannot comment on individual cases on group chat regarding the reasons of rejection of KYC. Please either contact us through [email protected] or contact admins in Telegram to proceed further with the inquiry.

  • Is KYC compulsory?

    Yes, KYC is mandatory and can be done very quickly through our webapp.

    You will need a proof of ID and a proof of address for the KYC.

    Practicalities: First focus with moving the camera closer for focus. Once focused, then it tells you to move the head in a circle, do that slowly. It happens in 15-20 seconds if this approach is followed.

    If you rush up then it will take a longer time.

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  • I did not receive an email to confirm my email address

    The receiving email can go to your spam or junk box. It will come from the domain [email protected] – It is not a monitored mailbox. It is just used to send an encrypted confirmation link.

    If it has not come to any of your spam and junk either, you can press resend and try again. The resend button refreshes after a few hours.

    If this also fails, please try with another email address. We have no way to manually reset, view or confirm your email until you do so from your own mailbox.

  • I cannot see my Zin on Metamask Wallet

    Please add custom token on your metamask – This is how to do it

    In your wallet, at the bottom of metamask click “Add Token” – Click on Custom Token and in the Token Contract Address, insert Zin smart contract:


    Symbol: ZIN and Decimal: 18 will automatically appear. If they don’t, add them. Click Next and finish the step.

  • I cannot see my Bonus

    If for some reasons you have done the purchase of Zin outside the webapp, you will need to register your wallet and transaction with us.

    Please follow this video guide on how to do it:

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  • How to purchase Zin?

    Zin tokens can be purchased through our token sale rounds by exchanging with other crypto tokens such as Ethereum. After the token sale ends, Zin can be bought through an exchange at the relevant market prices on the crypto exchanges. We will announce those exchanges after the token sale is finished.

    You can read a detailed process about how to buy in the token sale here.

  • How to earn through Zin?

    Initially Zin helps in increasing your savings through staking of Zin tokens. The more you stake, the more you earn. Later on, we will add other ways of savings and building the growth nest. Please see our roadmap.

  • How do I connect with Metamask?

    If Metamask is not connecting automatically. Please do the following steps:

    1. First go on our app and sign-in app.zin.finance.

    2. Then Go to your metamask – three dots on the right,

    3. Click connected sites, click manually connect to site, select your right wallet
    4. Click next, then connect.

    5. Once connected, refresh your app.zin.finance page and it will work with Metamask.

  • How can I create a Metamask wallet

    Please read our detailed guide here

  • How can I buy Ethereum for converting to Zin?

    Please read our detailed guide here

  • During Sign up, it keeps saying "error occurred..."

    This can happen due to various reasons:
    1. You already registered that email.
    2. Your password is not between 6-12 characters.

    Please try resolving the above two steps before retrying. If the problem persists, please contact us on [email protected] or our telegram chat.

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  • Does Zin Token have any intrinsic value?

    No, Zin tokens have no intrinsic value and exchanging them with any crypto-asset is simply a user’s individual decision.

  • Do you have marketing plans after the token sale?

    Yes, we have constant marketing plans throughout the next year. You will see constant activity from us. Not just during the token sale.

  • Can I use any wallet to send Ethereum to exchange Zin?

    No, Please DO NOT USE Exchange wallets (e.g. Binance, Kraken or any other exchange wallet). If you send ETH through an exchange wallet, all Zin tokens sent back on it will be lost and they will become unrecoverable. We cannot recover your Zin tokens.

    Please use Metamask, MEW or a wallet to which you own the private keys of.

  • Are there any risks to buying the Zin token?

    Please read our risk disclosure policy in Terms and Conditions. Exchanging Zin token with any other token is an individual decision. We don’t recommend the purchase of any cryptocurrency. We do not give financial advice and you should do your own thorough research before making any purchases.